Diginativ is an arts and culture digital publication concept dedicated to establishing compelling intellectual discourse for the digital age. Our goal is to create content with real content–as opposed to pandering lists, cynical satire, feigned “edginess,” humorous ambivalence, or click-bait appeal, our content will focus on providing the most quality per click.

  • We approach culture and art from the perspective that only a generation innately immersed in digital culture, from cradle to grave, would possess.
  • We aim to channel the writing talents, political and cultural awareness, and eager intellect of emerging minds from our generation.
  • We aim for earnest and informed approaches to subject matter, in a way that only we (collectively) can provide.

If you would like to submit a piece for publication, send us a press release, or have any news tips, contact us at: contact@diginativ.com


Note: In Summer 2018, we ran into some website trouble and had to manually re-upload articles and retool the site from scratch. Most pieces are back up, though internal links will populate accordingly for readers. Some pieces were lost during the process as they weren’t archived through mechanisms such as Archive.org. If you have a local copy saved or otherwise have access to one of your previously published pieces and cannot find it on the site, please get in touch for republication. Thanks.