Month: February 2016

Digimon: A Postcyberpunk Narrative of Digital Natives and Digital Nomadism

Author: Clipper Arnold Introduction I personally have been, and continue to be today, a fan of Digimon. Perhaps some of this derives from rose-tinted, bittersweet nostalgia. Though, it spoke to me as a child, and continues to speak to me. Digimon incorporated narratives of friendship and morality to be expected of children’s media, though it also encouraged and […]

Aspects of a Twitter Novel

Author: Logan Saether The social media platform Twitter doubles as a content-delivery tool in which artists can engage audiences in markedly novel ways. With the simple click of a button, an 140-character tweet is broadcasted to each of a follower’s private feeds. The result is a real-time stream of punchy quips, random thoughts, composed poems, […]