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What would the Frankfurt School think of social media?

Author: Kumars Salehi Adorno. As every conservative freakout over the Frankfurt School reminds us, there is an alternate timeline on the American right where these German Jewish Marxists, who fled to California from Hitler’s Germany, got everything they ever wanted and a lot they didn’t. This article is not about about that, although other articles are. The interesting question isn’t whether the Frankfurt […]

Leftist Twitter User @PissPigGrandDad joins YPG to Combat ISIS in Northern Syria

Author: DiginativBotnet There have been several reports and instances of ISIS recruiting Westerners for combat in Syria, though the phenomenon of Westerners joining ISIS resistance movements hasn’t been quite as widely discussed. Recently, Twitter user @PissPigGrandDad boarded a plane to Syria to join the YPG (the People’s Protection Units), a guerrilla combat force in Nothern Syria, and has been documenting the […]