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Solomon Bobinac | Artist Profile

Author: Clipper Arnold Solomon Bobinac is a prolific 14-year-old from West Phoenix. He attends the Metropolitan Arts Institute. Much of his work has manifested as fliers and album art for local musicians. He’s made artistic contributions for Playboy Manbaby, Red Tank!, Captain Samurai, and Sore.  His art runs the gamut from digital collages which draw from […]

Only 90s Kids Will Get This: The Demise of Traditional Hegemonic Media Consumption

Author: Clipper Arnold “The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed” – William Gibson It’s been previously posited that the “90s-kid” obsession with nostalgia for pop-cultural artifacts reflects millennial distress over significant technological disparities on our generational bookends. We experienced technology in a way that previous generations never had before, and in ways that […]

Leika Kitamura | Artist Profile

Author: Clipper Arnold Leika Kitamura is 17-year-old artist and writer. She lives in Glendale, Arizona and attends the Metropolitan Arts Institute in downtown Phoenix. She also displayed work at our launch show on February 26th. What themes or subjects are typically involved in your art? Are there any particular styles or influences you would cite? […]